The 10 Most Popular Laundry Rooms on Houzz Right Now

This Trending Now story features the most-saved laundry room photos uploaded to Houzz since July 1, 2019.

If you’re looking for ways to make your laundry room look and function better, you might consider wild wallpaper, a custom drying closet or even a yellow rolling ladder to access high-up shelves. These ideas, and more, feature in the most-saved laundry room photos recently uploaded to Houzz, presented here in descending order.
KBG Design
10. Farmhouse Fresh

Shaker-style cabinets, a vintage-style sink and a soft color palette give this San Francisco laundry room classic farmhouse style. The designers at KBG Design elevated the look with a stunning textured backsplash tile that reflects the light. The clever compact layout functions well thanks to a folding counter on top of the appliances and a drying rod over the sink.

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The Cabinet Gallery
9. High Contrast, High Style

This Salt Lake City laundry room by The Cabinet Gallery has a farmhouse look that’s quite different from the previous example. While both have Shaker-style cabinetry and classic hardware, the black countertop and black-and-white plaid tile on the floor provide strong contrast to the white cabinets and subway tile. And the pendant light, picture frame, faucet, appliances and cabinet pulls add a sophisticated mix of metallic finishes.
VBM Home
8. Gorgeous and Glamorous

April Rossdeutscher of VBM Home transformed this space into one that makes doing laundry seem downright glamorous. Quartz that mimics Nero Marquina marble, a custom brass-colored library ladder and high-gloss white cabinets with black-and-brass handles make this Hollywood Hills laundry room a star.
Kresswell Interiors
7. Wallpaper and Warmth

After toiling away doing laundry in a dark, unfinished basement, this homeowner wanted a more warm and inviting space. Kristina Eustace of Kresswell Interiors elevated the laundry area with a gorgeous peacock-themed wallpaper, wood countertops, farmhouse-style sink and leather cabinet pulls.

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Haven Design and Construction
6. Well-Planned Drying Cabinet

The pros at Haven Design and Construction made the most of every corner of this 70-square-foot room. There’s a dog-washing station, a utility sink and plenty of storage and countertop space for folding. But it was the drying cabinet, shown here, that really grabbed Houzz users.

A vent inside helps draw moisture out of wet clothing. There’s room for hanging clothes as well as sliding shelves that allow the homeowners to lay items flat. The decorative grilles on the doors let the air in with style.
Acacia Architects
5. Happy and Bright

A cheerful floral pattern on the walls and sink skirt perk up even the coldest, darkest Minneapolis days for these homeowners. The designers at Acacia Architects carried a leafy green from the pattern over to the shelves. A window bathes the room in light.
Grantham Woodworking
4. Dog-Friendly Destination

In this Arizona laundry room, the pros at Designlink Architecture and Interiors created plenty of room for laundry- and dog-related items. The rough-sawn rift-cut white oak shelf and the pull-down drying rack add warmth to the space, while Shaker-style cabinetry keeps things classic and clean.
Soda Pop Design Inc.
3. Light Blue and Beautiful

Cynthia Soda of Soda Pop Design gave her clients a hardworking mudroom-laundry room that looks elegant but can handle heavy traffic. The dark floors can take whatever gets tracked in during Ontario’s snowy winters. Meanwhile, the light blue cabinets and diamond-pattern backsplash tile make things pretty. The homeowners opted for stackable appliances to make room for extra storage and space to hang clothes for drying.
New Generation Home Improvements
2. Tiny Space, Big Impact

This small laundry closet contains some major style. The bohemian vibe in the Los Angeles casita by New Generation Home Improvements carries all the way to the back of the closet. There’s a vintage-style red sink and dramatic blue wallpaper, and even the machines are blue. Small details such as the oval mirror and woven laundry basket are the icing on the cake.
Becky Rose Design
1. Minty Fresh and Organized

The most-saved laundry room, which is by Becky Rose Grinwald, features light green cabinets, white subway tile and ample folding, storage and hanging space.


8 Eco-Friendly and Natural Tips to Make Your Home Smell Fantastic

Everyone loves walking into a home that smells amazing

Unfortunately, many products, such as aerosol room sprays, plug-in units or wax melts, also come with questionable ingredients and unnecessary packaging.  

If you crave a wonderful smelling space in a more natural and earth-friendly way, it's never been easier. We've compiled this handy list, along with a few simple DIYs that will be as delightful to your wallet as they are to your sense of smell. 

1. Reed scent diffusers

Reed diffusers, a low-maintenance home scent option, use natural hollow reeds that absorb a scented oil and naturally disperse the fragrance into the air. It's easy to dial the effect up or down by adding or removing the reeds and the vessel can easily be refilled when the oil has evaporated.

Pro Tip: Keep these out of the reach of pets and young children to avoid finding a giant puddle of oil on your living room rug.

2. Eucalyptus in the shower

There's nothing like the crisp smell of eucalyptus to add a refreshing element to your bathroom routine. This plant has long been touted as an anti-inflammatory, so it's especially helpful if you're feeling a cold coming on. Roll a few sprigs of fresh eucalyptus under a rolling pin to unlock their aromatic oils, then tie the bundle with an elastic and hang it over the back of your shower head. The warmth and humidity of the shower will release the leaves' healing essence. Bonus: this trick will also make your bathroom look even more Pinterest-worthy.

Pro Tip: Some research indicates eucalyptus can be dangerous for young children and babies, so skip this option if you share your bathroom with little ones.

3. Orange clove pomander

A favourite around the holidays, orange clove pomanders bring a spicy, warm and delicious fragrance into your home. They also make for a fun family craft! All you need are some fresh oranges and whole cloves. Use a toothpick to punch holes in the orange peel, and press in the little clove “studs” in any pattern you choose. Soon you'll have a bowl filled with bedazzled, heavenly-smelling oranges.

Pro Tip: Dispose of fresh orange pomanders before they can develop mold–usually after a few days. To prolong their life, you can also hang them from a length of twine in a cool, dry place until dried. This will also enhance their irresistible scent.

4. Essential oils on your furnace filter or vacuum cleaner bag

A few drops of your favourite essential oil will easily diffuse throughout your home with a little help from the forced air of your furnace or vacuum.

Pro Tip: Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to help deodorize at the same time.

5. Lavender linen spray

Refresh your linens between washes (and gain instant credit as the host with the most delightful-smelling sheets) with a DIY lavender linen spray. Believe it or not, low-priced vodka makes the best basis for this concoction: simply mix one part vodka (or witch hazel) with three parts water in a glass spray bottle, Next, add 10 drops (or more depending on your preference) of high-quality lavender essential oil. Spray whenever a sheet, curtain or closet is in need of refreshing.

Pro Tip: Lavender is known for its calming properties, so this spray can pull double-duty as a pillow spray to help you nod off to dreamland.

6. Cotton balls with essential oils

Adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to cotton balls is one of the simplest DIY home scent hacks that can also go pretty much anywhere. Stash them in your closet or drawers, in bathroom cupboards or behind your computer at the office (if scents are permitted). Be careful not to add too much oil or the ball may leave a stain on surfaces.

Pro Tip: Scented cotton balls are an easy swap for plastic car vent air fresheners. Simply wedge a few into your dash vent or under the floor mats. When the heat is on, the hot air will swirl the fresh aroma around your vehicle.

7. Vanilla or almond extract on light bulbs

Here's a sweet way to scent your space at the flip of a switch— remove a cooled light bulb from its socket and apply a few drops of pure vanilla or almond. Allow it to dry fully and replace it back in its fixture. Anytime you turn on the lights, you'll be rewarded with a yummy glow, as the warmth of the bulb spreads the scent throughout your room.

Pro Tip: This trick also works with lemon juice if you prefer the zing of citrus.

8. Simmering potpourri

This eco-friendly method fills your home with fragrance using only water and what you can find around the kitchen. All you need is a simmering pot of water on the stove (or in a slow-cooker). Add a blend of your favourite scents: apple cores, citrus peels, extracts or whole spices such as cinnamon sticks or star anise. In no time, your space will be infused with delicious, comforting or invigorating smells. 

Caution: The use of certain essential oils may be hazardous to young children or pets. Always research the safety of any essential oil before using it in your home.



5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Get your bath right for the long haul by dodging these blunders in toilet placement, shower type and more

Adding to or remodeling your house is one of the most exciting and creative processes you can go through. But with all that responsibility comes pressure to make informed decisions that will last. How can you make sure to get the right design for your lifestyle, stay within your budget and maximize the return on your investment? Start with a great design for every room in your house — including (or especially) the bathroom.

Bathrooms, whether big or small, should always be well thought out and carefully located, and should function with multiple users in mind. We’re long past the era where there was one bathroom for every three bedrooms in the house, and everyone had all the time needed to use it. Today’s bathrooms need to be beautiful, use space efficiently and serve the users functionally. Avoiding common design blunders, as these rooms nicely do, can help you be happier with your bathroom for the long haul.



10 Clever Hacks for Small Kitchens

If there's one part of the house where clutter can quickly build up, it's the kitchen. With so many tools, cookware and gadgets, where can you keep everything without feeling like you belong on “Hoarders”? If you've tried some of these space-saving ideas and crave further inspiration, check out these 10 ways to make the most of small kitchen spaces.

1. Ditch the fruit bowl

Many people have the token fruit bowl—or basket—that takes up prime real estate on their counter. Try placing small bins inside a deep drawer to store fruit and vegetables that don't need to be refrigerated.

baking measurements inside of cupboard door Photo via Pinterest

2. Store on the door

With just a little paint and some hooks, you're all set to make your own measuring station and conversion cheat sheet on the inside of a cupboard door. Just think, no more searching on your smartphone or tablet with sticky, food-covered fingers.

3. The great shelf recession

Installing shelves between inner wall studs is an efficient way to maximize space and an eye-catching way to store pantry items. 

pegboard kitchen storage

4. Up your pegboard game

Pegboards are a fantastic way to make use of vertical space in your kitchen. Pegboard kits and components can be found at most hardware stores and adding a coat of paint will make them blend or pop with existing kitchen décor. Try using different styles of pegboard hooks (straight, curved and multi-tool) to hang your cookware and utensils in an organized and tidy fashion.

magnetic spice rack on fridge

5. Spice things up

Clean up that jammed spice and baking cupboard with some magnetic spice canisters. Not only handy for spices, but also smaller baking ingredients like baking soda, baking powder, sprinkles or coloured sugar. They sit easily on the side of the fridge or metal strips on the sides of or underneath cabinets. Label them with a personal flair by using chalkboard paint or custom labels.

sliding cupboard shelf beside a fridge Photo via

6. Sliding with style

An ingenious way to make use of extra space around your fridge is to build a sliding cabinet for smaller items like canned goods, spices and kitchen tools. Not only do they look good, but your guests will be all over your space-age kitchen design. 

Photo via Pinterest @jenwoodhouse

7. Space with a repurpose

Small kitchens require getting spatially creative when cooking. A DIY stove cover means extra counter and prep space. Consider using a  beautiful wood cutting board or something personalized. 

Photo credit: Instagram @101residential

8. Tip-out below your counter

If your kitchen has false drawers in front of the sink, you can convert them into handy tip-out trays that store sponges and scrubbers- keeping them off the counter and out of the way. 

Photo via Pinterest @thekitchn

8. Plain sight, on the side

A rail rack is a superb solution to avoid cluttered drawers by allowing you to conveniently hang utensils on the sides of your cabinets, within reach yet out of the way. They are usually low-cost to either purchase or make yourself.

Photo via Pinterest

9. File folders—more than just office supplies

These low-priced office supplies make great holders for things like food wraps, sandwich and freezer bags, container lids or cutting boards. Mounting them on the inside of a cupboard door keeps them within easy reach. 

Photo credit: Pinterest @thekitchn

10. The window of opportunity

If your kitchen has a window, consider making use of that space by installing curtain rods across it and using hooks to hang pots and pans. You could also consider adding a floating shelf or two across your kitchen windows, too.

It's amazing how much space you can find in a small kitchen by changing the way you approach storage. Plus, having a clutter-free space makes cooking more enjoyable. You might even be ready to host the next family holiday meal—a feat long considered impossible, until now.


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